"Find a place inside where there's joy and joy will burn out the pain"
​ -Joseph Cambell

Individual Therapy

Couples / Relationship Therapy

Family Therapy

​Relationship Development Group

Would you like to improve the relationships in your life?
Are you interested in finding and keeping real love?
Would you like to build deeper emotional connections?
Are you interested in learning how to have a healthy relationship?
You can learn to transform and/or create new, meaningful relationships whether you are currently in a relationship, leaving a relationship or are interested in a relationship. 

This program is used for premarital preparation and relationship/marriage enrichment. The inventory identifies a couple’s strength and growth areas along with feedback using skill-building exercises. Margie is a trained Prepare/Enrich facilitator.  Learn more here

SKYPE Online Video Teleconferencing Sessions Available. 

Hypnosis Meditation

Grief Counseling

Life Coach

Motivational Speaking

Corporate Training


The 50-minute sessions are based on your ability to pay.  I want to ensure that the fee doesn’t undermine the therapeutic relationship, and with the hope that the work will be fruitful. It is customary to pay at time of service though monthly billing is an option. Paying at the beginning of each session, rather than the end, is advised as it optimizes the experience by avoiding distractions.


As a mental health professional, my services are covered under most medical policies that include out-of-network, out-patient psychotherapy. Although I am a provider for several insurance companies, it is your responsibility to contact your insurance company to see if I am on your plan. Each month I will provide an invoice with the information needed for your reimbursement.


To avoid paying for missed sessions. I require 24 hours advance notice if you are unable to keep your appointment. Of course allowances will be made for illnesses, serious emergencies and vacations. If you cannot attend a session for any other reason, we will try to reschedule you for that week.