"Love is a friendship set to music"
​ -Joseph Cambell

Partner & Facilitator @

LMFT 25701

MARGIE    (Mary Margaret Mirell) 

I have over 20 years experience as a psychotherapist, and have focused my energy in the following areas: relationship issues, addictions and co-dependency, personality problems, eating disorders, depression and anxiety. In therapy I often use Jungian dream analysis, hypnosis and a mind, body, spirit focus.  As a certified Insights Jungian Coach, I facilitate executive team building for individuals and companies.  As a life coach I give people tools to transition. Grief Counselor.

My objective with all clients is to have them realize their full potential, and discard old sabotaging beliefs and behaviors, for a soulful re-awaking that creates joy, purpose, love and success in all their relationships.  

After I received my BA in Fine Arts and Masters in Psychology from Antioch University in clinical Psychology my love of art, symbolism and psychology became interconnected in my life and work.  Graduate of College of Executive Coaching.

Please enjoy my paintings throughout the website.​